Poetry Friday

Cancer Faith

Cancer may come unexpectedly into your life,
Bringing fear, hard times, and great strife.

Families suffer and the end clearly unknown.
Families are stronger than ever and not alone.

Our personalities must stay optimistic,
Feeling better and free will be realistic.

The experience could be a long, hard ride,
Twists and turns in which you have cried.

When you fight and beat it and go on to live,
Don’t forget the people who are here to give.

Love and care will forever and always stay.
Cancer will be knocked out of the way.

Your soul is and will be stronger than this;
It can conquer cancer, destroy and dismiss.

Courage and memories are very much needed,
As tiring treatments have faithfully succeeded.

Friendship, family, and faith cannot be suppressed;
They are the loving souls that make you blessed.

When my love-filled Mom became a cancer survivor,
I soon realized that I was an underwater diver.

You dive in but you never know what is there for you,
It could be your worst experience or the very best view.

~Michaela Fournier~