Nolan sister starts treatment for breast cancer

Bernie Nolan

Growing up in the seventies and eighties, we danced and sang along to the Nolan Sisters “I’m In the Mood for Dancing”. I remember Bernie as the lead singer was my favourite Nolan sister.  As the group went on to have solo careers, I also remember admiring her as an actress in various soap and drama roles.

Bernie is now facing one of her toughest roles, as she begins chemotherapy for HER2+ breast cancer.  She is joining another 14 people in the UK, in a new drug trial to test out Pertuzumab and will combine the treatment with the drug Herceptin. Two of Bernie’s sisters, Linda and Anne, have both had, and successfully undergone treatment for breast cancer in the past.    

HER2+ Breast Cancer    

HER2+ breast cancer affects approximately 20 to 30 per cent of breast cancer patients. In a woman with HER2+ breast cancer, the gene which provides the code for the HER2 protein has been amplified, resulting in excess amounts of HER2. This excess of HER2 can lead to uncontrolled or malignant cellular growth and the development of cancer. It demands special attention because the tumours are typically fast-growing, and there is a high likelihood of the cancer coming back. Women with HER2+ breast cancer may also be less likely to respond to certain breast cancer treatments.