Happy Easter

I was going to post a nice fluffy bunny type picture and then I found this! Guess it's a smile weekend here on JBBC 🙂


I am up early this morning preparing an Easter Sunday lunch for my parents who are driving from the city to spend a few days here in the country with us. They hardly ever get the chance to visit, so I am really excited and want to make the day special for them. My husband, who is like one big kid this weekend, is just beside himself with excitement, as I have completely relaxed my dietary rules. He feels he “suffers” because  sugar is a bad word in this house, and is thrilled with the home-made goodies I prepared yesterday which includes a great big chocolate cake topped with mini easter eggs. My Mum will bring him an Easter egg (told you he’s a big kid) and I have another one for him which he managed to find and demolish late last night. He will probably also “help” me with mine.   

I love Easter.  I love the symbolism of  joy, hope, renewal and rebirth it represents. So today I am wishing you all a hope-filled Happy Easter..oh and lots of chocolate too of course.