Cards 4 Cancer

One of my early card-making attempts


 Being diagnosed with cancer gave me the time to explore my creative side. I could lose myself for hours in one particular activity which I grew to love -card-making. I was never any good at “art” in school, but I discovered a real love and even a talent I never knew I had when it came to designing cards for friends. I took such pleasure in shopping for exquisite hand-made papers, and in choosing just the right design to suit the personality of a friend. My first attempts were clumsy, but very quickly I found my style. Friends began to put in requests for designs for their own family and friends, and before I knew it, I had a cottage industry going! I even sold to some local shops. I haven’t entirely abandoned card-making, but I only make them for special friends these days.  This leads me onto the subject of today’s blog post – Cards 4 Cancer Day, something which really appeals to me with my own love of card-making.    

This is an initiative of  Spirt Jump, a non profit, founded by cancer survivor Meaghan Edelstein. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? Spirit Jump aims to lift the spirits of cancer patients, by sending cards and small gifts to those who need it most. This year on April 10th, Spirit Jump will be holding its first annual Cards 4 Cancer Day, and the fun part is that you can get involved too. You can either make your own cards or buy them in a store – just make sure they have a positive message to help JUMP the SPIRIT of someone with cancer.    

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Cards 4 Cancer website and check it out. You will be doing something beautiful for someone, and you may even discover a hidden artistic talent too!