Update: homeless with cancer

I recently posted on the story of Paul and Kathy, a couple who are relying on the kindness of strangers to see them through a difficult time in their lives right now. There has been a wonderful response from readers, and I want to say thank you for your concern and offers of help. Taiya has written an update on the situation for those who have been asking for one.

“As of today we have the commitment of a few true Angels to pay the next 16 nights stay! If you have questions or if you can help, please contact Marie or myself and please forward this to anyone you can think might be able to offer help in keeping Paul and Kathy in the hotel. Because of the cancer, it is imperative that Kathy is able to remain in L.A. at this time. This is where her doctors are and arrangements have been made in L.A. to pay for her medical care. Kathy will begin an aggressive course of chemotherapy and radiation on Monday. If you would like to contribute to a chemo-comfort/care package being sent, or would like to send something to comfort and cheer her please contact me and I will get you the information you need to do so.

Paul and Kathy are understandably afraid. This is new territory for them. But their spirit and positive, hopeful outlook on Life will get them through this challenge as it has gotten them through so many others. Thank you all for your incredible support, thoughts and prayers…Kathy and Paul are incredulous that strangers would care, but so grateful we do!!

If we are able to keep them in the hotel until the end of March, Paul says he will have enough money to get and maintain a small apartment for them. I am confident. Love makes a way, where there was no way.”

So many people have taken this couple to their heart, so I will be updating you from time to time on what is happening. Thank you all again.