Seeing through the eyes of a doctor

I often write here of my love of poetry and its great power to capture what you are feeling in perhaps a single sentence. Alongside poetry, I am also in awe of the creative power of photography. Joseph Gascho is a Doctor in Nebraska who’s also a writer and photographer. Part of his work as a physician is to interpret sonograms of the heart (echocardiograms, or echoes).

“I often find myself imagining the patient whose echo I am  viewing–what is he/she thinking, what does he/she know about the medical problem, what would I do/think if I had this problem?” he says ” These imaginings have led me to write poems, which I then link with the echo images… I’ve also been intrigued by the stories patients tell me when I see them in my office, and have written poems about those stories and combined them with photos of the patient.” 

Visit Gascho’s  website so you can see for yourself some of his beautiful images.