Beyond Blue

As we come to the end of Depression Awareness Week here in Ireland, and of course awareness should not be restricted to just one week, I thought it would be a good time to share with you a wonderful new book on the subject by Therese Borchard.

I am a regular follower of Therese’s blog Beyond Blue, voted by as one of the top 10 depression blogs. In fact, hers was the first blog I ever read. I had no idea what a blog was until I read Beyond Blue, and what a revelation that was! Therese writes with compelling honesty, clarity and insight about her own battles with depression and shares practical strategies for coping. Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted that I feature some of these tips from time to time on the blog.

Therese has now published a part memoir, part self-help book, Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes. What first attracted me to the blog is Therese’s vulnerability and honesty, and the book I am glad to say, is just the same. I have read several books on dealing with depression, and while they have offered good advice, like well-meaning family and friends, I am left with a sense of, that’s all fine advice, but you don’t really understand how I feel do you? Not so with Therese. Here is someone who not only talks the talk, but has walked that walk of despair. She walks alongside you and offers to be your guide along the path to recovery.

Comprised of four sections and twenty-one chapters, the book covers a wide range of topics from codependency to addiction, poor body image to postpartum depression, from alternative medicine to psychopharmacology, managing anxiety to applying lessons from therapy.

And as the infomercials say…THAT’S NOT ALL…

Let’s face it, depression is a depressing subject, but here again Therese’s book, while covering all of the above, is also full of her wit and humor and as she said in a recent interview, she feels she has certainly earned the right to talk about the funny side of what most will call a deeply unfunny subject.

Therese’s book is available for purchase on Amazon so if you want to learn more about dealing with depression and anxiety from someone who really knows what that means, then check it out by clicking on this link.

Breaking News! Watch out for a very special interview with Therese on this blog tomorrow!