Hats and Hugs for Cancer

Hats and Hugs for Cancer is a memorial fund set up by her family in memory of Sandra (Sandy) Olson, to keep her memory alive and honor her brave fight against cancer.


The first project the fund will tackle will be providing hats to cancer patients who often experience hair loss while undergoing treatment. Self-confidence and feeling good about their appearance goes along way in keeping spirits up while fighting this terrible disease. The hats will be provided at no cost to the patients through the local American Cancer Society office, hospitals, cancer centers, oncologist offices and at events where cancer patients are expected to be in attendance.


The “hugs” part of the fund would entail delivering greeting cards or small gifts to those in the hospitals, hospices and nursing homes in need of support. There are many patients who enter these facilities without a support system and we want to be there to show them that they are not alone becasue someone does really care. What might seem like just a greeting card to us could be the only thing a cancer patient has to lift their spirits on another lonely night by themselves.

Please visit http://www.sandrasheart.com/ for more information.