A story of friendship and courage

Together on the journey: Faithful friends Alana and Farrah in February 2008

Together on the journey: Faithful friends Alana and Farrah in February 2008

I was very moved watching the documentary Farrah’s Story, far more so than I expected to be and very impressed with Farrah’s spirit and determination to beat cancer. Making that documentary and sticking close by her side throughout her treatment was one of her best friends, Alana Stewart. 

Now Alana has published her journal writings of this time with Farah. In an interview she explains that she has kept journals since she was nine, and she would sometimes read Farrah what she had written in them.

“She loved my writing. ‘You’re such a good writer,’ she’d say encouragingly. ‘You must keep doing this.’ I did. I would diligently pour out my feelings, fears and frustrations in my journal and I soon realised how much the most recent volumes, just like my life these past three years, were about Farrah and her courageous battle with cancer.”

Alana tells us that “Farrah felt very committed to speaking up and saying that we needed more studies and more research. She wanted to bring awareness to her type of cancer and she wanted to give people hope. Above all, she wanted to say: ‘Don’t give up. No matter what anyone tells you, keep on fighting.’”

Alana says that ” Life is fragile; it changes in a heartbeat. One day Farrah was fine, the next she was not. Yet through it all, I never heard her ask “Why me?” I never saw her act like a victim. She made the decision to fight her cancer and never wavered.”

You can read an interview with Alana Stewart in the Daily Mail