Celebrate National Relaxation Day!


Today, according to online sources, is National Relaxation Day. National what you say? They have to designate a day for that? Well yes, it appears that in this day and age, people need reminding to sit back, take it easy and R E L A X…

The Examiner explains that “National Relaxation Day was first celebrated as National Slacker Day in Britain in 2001 and has caught on in the United States over the past several years to promote leisure and wellness activities.Relaxation has been defined as refreshment of body and mind and having a whole day to celebrate it is a blessing.”

In years gone by, people used the Sabbath as a day of rest and relaxation. That has long since gone by the wayside for most of us, so perhaps it is a good idea to set aside a day where you give yourself permission to switch off.

Relaxation is different for everyone of course. For me, being curled up in bed at night with a good book while listening to the rain beat on the rooftop; sitting by a log fire in the winter drinking hot chocolate; taking a long hot candle-lit bath;  a walk in the countryside…these are just some of my own favourite ways to relax. How about you? What do you do to relax?

Part of healthy survivorship includes rest, relaxation, minimizing stress.  So, today give yourself permission to do whatever it takes to refresh your mind, body and soul…and consider giving yourself permission to extend National Relaxation Day into a part of your day everyday from now on.

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