New support for cancer patients

The cancer journey no longer has to be a lonely, confusing experience now that the Cumberland Health Authority has a cancer patient navigator in place. So runs the headline in the Amherst Daily News.

The newspaper tells the story of Holly Chapman, a registered nurse of Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada, who has joined the health authority as its cancer patient navigator. Cancer patient navigation is a support program for cancer patients and their families and offers assistance with a wide range of physical, psychological, social, emotional and practical needs.
“The intent of the position is to help people on their way through the system from diagnosis through treatment and afterward so they have one person to talk to if they experience problems or have questions,” Chapman said. “We look at practical kinds of problems like connecting with services or programs, funding for travel or teaching them about their disease.
We are someone people can talk to during their cancer journey. Many people have excellent support networks in families and friends, but there are those who don’t. We’re there to explain how the system works and what they can expect.”
Story adapted from the Amherst Daily News