Jade made us think about death

Jade Goody: Guardian Newspaper Image

The death of Jade Goody has been “helpful” in making people think about the end of their own lives, according to a new poll.

Nearly half of women, 49pc, and a third of men, 33pc, said the publicity surrounding the TV reality star’s death from cancer earlier this year had helped people think about death. The findings from a poll of 1,018 adults in Britain commissioned for the public think-tank Theos also showed half the population fears the process of dying.

The survey conducted last month showed 20pc admit to fearing both the way they will die and death itself with 30pc saying they fear the way they will die but not death itself. 

Theos director Paul Woolley said: “Different attitudes about death between age groups are striking. The fact that we fear dying suggests we need to discuss it more. The proportion of people fearing death in society could be explained by the breakdown of an overarching religious narrative in the culture. It might also have something to do with the lack of experience that people have in dealing with death.”

Source: Herald