“Farrah’s story”


In choosing to go public with her illness, the actress best known for her role in Charlie’s Angels, Farrah Fawcett has inevitably been compared to British reality star, Jade Goody, who lost her fight with cancer in March.

Like Jade, the 62-year-old actress has chosen to offer up her experience with cancer to public view in a two hour documentary, Farrah’s Story, which will air tonight in the US.

It is a no holds-barred account, which shows the tough side of dealing with cancer and one of the most moving scenes for many will be the one in which Farrah tearfully cuts off what remains of her famous blonde hair.

 “I feel like Alice in Wonderland, it’s so surreal. I feel like a blonde nothingness, alone in my own body..” she says at one point in the film. Like many cancer patients, she maintains her sense of humour throughout, but the tone changes at the end of the film, when she makes an impassioned plea for America to reform its dysfunctional healthcare system, and urges the government to modernise cancer screening.

Source: Independent