A survivor’s story

I am one of those people who cannot bear to throw a newspaper or magazine away until I have at least glanced at the content, in case I may miss a good feature story. It is easy to keep up to date with current news but I love to come across those human interest stories behind the news. That is how I came across a story published in last month’s Sunday Independent, while taking time to wade through the growing stack of newspapers building up beside the sofa.

“Going halfway across the world for an extended period of time is quite an adventure for any young woman. But for one particular 26-year-old Dubliner the prospect is a celebration of her survival.”

The article goes on to tell the story of young Rathgar woman, Amy Hamilton who was diagnosed with cervical cancer a year ago. She tells journalist Joy Orpen of her shock when she was diagnosed, the decisions that she had to make in the following weeks, her feelings about the impact on her fertility, her diet choices and finally the support she received from ARC (Aftercare Research Counselling) an organisation that offers free counselling to anyone who experiences cancer.

“They have been really great. It took me a while to decide to go but I am now so glad I did,” she says.

Amy is now preparing for the next stage of her life – the journey back to normality. Anyone who has received a diagnosis of cancer, particularly at a young age will relate to Amy’s story.

You can read the article in full here.