Cancer and diet


Having posted yesterday, about the dangers of adopting an extreme diet in an effort to combat cancer, I thought today I would turn towards some advice on what we should be eating as part of our efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been impressed lately with the website of  a lady called Diane Dyer, a registered dietician, cancer survivor and author of A Dietitian’s Cancer Story.

Her website focuses on nutritional information for cancer survivors and she also writes a blog sharing her thoughts about “life as a cancer survivor, food and nutrition, gardening, recipes, our environment, and the urgent need for developing food systems that promote health not disease, ecological sustainability, and social justice”. She has some marvellous recipes, based on sound nutritional advice, which has really inspired me.

Here, Diane  recommends we add more beans and legumes to our diet for “many studies have shown a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease in those people who eat beans and legumes regularly. The reason for this risk reduction is unclear at this point. In fact many reasons may be involved and working together synergistically, such as the fiber, folate, protein and amino acids, flavenol content, or even something not yet identified and studied”.

Here is a link to  her recipe for  Spicy Lentil Patties

It is not always easy to find tasty recipes for nutritional food, but here at Diana’s blog, you will find lots more inspirational recipes to help you live a healthier life.