BreastCheck delayed in three counties


Again and again, I made aware of how lucky I was to be living in the catchment area of a specialist breast cancer unit, when I received my treatment for breast cancer. Isn’t it a terrible thing though that your best chance of survival following a breast cancer diagnosis may depend on your post code? As yet another consequence of the economic downturn, plans to roll out the national breast cancer screening service, BreastCheck, throughout the country have been delayed indefinitely.

Screening in counties Clare, Donegal and Leitrim has been temporarily put on hold. According to the National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS), the recent introduction of a general public sector recruitment moratorium has meant that they are ‘awaiting’ recruitment of a number of key posts, including radiography staff for the north-west.

BreastCheck provides free mammograms to women aged 50 to 64 on an area by area basis and this latest development will strike a shocking blow to the women of these areas, who have waited so long for their rightful access to cancer screening.