Mindfulness helps to deal with post treatment phase

Returning again to the theme of mindfulness, I came across the following study of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for survivors of breast cancer.

Research has shown that in the post treatment phase of recovery, breast cancer survivors may experience high levels of psychological stress, anxiety, depression, fear of recurrence, alongside physical symptoms which include pain, fatigue and sleep disruption. Effective interventions are therefore needed during this difficult transitional period.

This randomised controlled trial of 84 female breast cancer survivors from the H. Lee Moffit Cancer and Research Institute concluded that among survivors within 18 months of treatment completion, a 6-week MBSR programme resulted in significant improvements in psychological status and quality of life. I know that some hospitals and cancer support centres are adopting this intervention. If you are in a position to avail of such an MBSR course, please consider doing so.  As the results of this and other studies prove it is of great benefit in helping you deal with that difficult transitional period after cancer treatment.

Read more on this study here

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