HSE publishes hospital performance figures

I have just been listening to a very interesting discussion on Pat Kenny’s radio show this morning concerning this report.

The Health Service Executive has published detailed performance figures of 29 of its acute public hospitals around the country. It is the first time the figures have been published. All 29 hospitals were given either a green, amber or red rating overall.

The HealthStat information system shows that Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, is the poorest performing hospital, ranked against 22 standards, including waiting times for operations, routine diagnostic tests and accident and emergency services.

The other poorly performing hospitals are Cork University Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda. All these hospitals received an overall rating of red, indicating they were ‘unsatisfactory and requiring attention’ and well outside the national target.

The best performing hospitals were St Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Mallow General Hospital and the Midland Regional Hospital Mullingar, which all received an amber rating or slightly better.

While no hospital received the overall rating of green indicating ‘good performance’, 26 received an amber rating indicating ‘average performance’ against the national target. However among this group, Tallaght Hospital and Galway University Hospital received a red rating under the heading of access to services.

The detailed hospital reports will published on the HSE’s website from 12pm.

The detailed reports will also reveal waiting times for outpatient clinics, physiotherapy, the amount of private work being performed as well as staff absenteeism rates. The HSE plans to extend the monthly monitoring system to its remaining general and specialised hospitals this year and next year to community health and social care services. Figures will be updated every month and will eventually be used to help make decision on how hospitals are funded.

The HealthStat system examines service performance but does not reflect clinical care.

Source: RTE website.

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