Can fat fight cancer?


Cancer link to obesity discovered: Dr Lydia Lynch in the lab at St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin (image:Irish Times)

A NEW WEAPON in the war against cancer could be found in humans if a new research project bears out. The work is being undertaken by Irish woman Lydia Lynch, who was recently awarded a Unesco-L’Oréal International Fellowship, along with 14 other researchers from around the world.

Lynch, who is based in University College Dublin and works with the Obesity Research Group in St Vincent’s Hospital, is the first Irish researcher to be awarded the prestigious prize, and will use the support to further develop her research into the immune system and obesity.

Her original research was on why some obese people are immune compromised, but under the Unesco-L’Oreal fellowship, it will particularly concentrate on how fat could potentially be used to fight cancer.

Source: Irish Times

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