Luisne Centre: Healing Retreats


Last December, I spent a wonderful day at Luisne, Retreat Centre, in Co Wicklow.  I attended a mindfulness workshop given by a lady called Anne Twohig. If you ever get the chance to attend one of her workshops, I would highly recommend you avail of the opportunity.

Programmes offered at Luisne focus on the sacredness of all things, and seek to nourish the body-mind spirit, leading to a sense of oneness within oneself and with all things.  They run both regular weekly courses and saturday one day courses.

Starting Monday, April 20th, a five week course, Kitchen Gardening in a Box, sounds like it will be very interesting. It focuses on learning to grow and eat your own organic vegetables and herbs and seeds and starter plants are provided. It is also very reasonably priced.

You can find information on this course and the other range of programmes in Luisne on their website:

Information on Anne Twohig is available at the following website: