Young women with cancer being rushed into treatment decisions

At a meeting last year of a working group of young survivors of breast cancer who came from all over Europe, I was struck by the similarities of our experiences. It seems that the situation is the same across Europe and the women’s level of frustration at what they felt was lacking throughout their breast cancer treatment,  the same. 

Many of us felt that we had been rushed into treatment decisions without having the necessary background information to make those decisions. As I pointed out in a previous post, Cancer Treatment Influenced By Patient Knowledge Of Health Information, the better informed we are, the better treatment decisions we can make. We feel that younger women who are diagnosed with breast cancer need to have easy access to more comprehensive, age appropriate information in order to make the best decision regarding treatment for ourselves.

I am more informed now than I was at the time of my diagnosis, because I have had the time and opportunity to become so. When you receive a diagnosis of cancer, you are in a state of shock which makes processing information and making decisions so much harder. At the same time, you are being pressured into making a decision about what kind of cancer treatment to take. While time is obviously a factor, I believe that taking an extra week or so to make the right decisions is the most important thing a young woman can do when she receives a diagnosis of cancer.