Poetry Friday


The Butterfly Effect
For Marie Ennis O’Connor

So close and still
Quietly far away
From the company
Who chose you
The day you heard
The word we all
In a canyon
Far from home
Yet near
Your heart
Beats. Chambers sound
Off and reverberate.
And released
Like butterflies.
They whisper
By, like their
Lives – yet louder
For the hand
Supporting our
Unraveling from the
Chrysalises we
Tickle your palm until
Your fingers open
1,2,3,4,5 like that!
And we are released
Covering the sky with color
Orange yellow black blue purple green
And you smile as we scatter.
Though our words may never mind
You or the hands you once held them
Inside – we remember you when our
Names show up
Spoke in unexpected
Places around
The world
I think it’s called
The butterfly
Subtle are the changes
Yet so very

Ilene Kaminsky