Weekly Round Up: The Breast Cancer Awareness Game Edition



It’s only September, but already the rumblings of Pinktober can be heard approaching. Pinktober is often preceded by those awful Facebook “games” which are supposed to raise awareness of breast cancer but are utterly insensitive and practically of no use. The Cancer Curmudgeon reposts an old blog on what we should really be sharing instead of those “cutesy” bra memes.  And although I shared it last week, I want to flag again Grace‘s take on this topic in “Bras, Femininity, and the Hypocrisy of Marketing Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns”. See also Lara‘s version of the breast cancer awareness game.

Lisa shares five recent cancer research stories worth following.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness (#OCAM) month as well as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (#GCAM). Learn more on Dee’s blog. See also Chris’s blog on smashing taboos and Florence‘s on recognizing the signs of ovarian cancer.

Another super post from Stephanie on facing uncertainty, from diagnosis to survivorship.

Thought-provoking question from Becky this week – can you be deeply empathetic if you have not had personal suffering?

Terri shares her experience of delayed DIEP flap breast reconstruction, to give others considering this method some insight into your planning.

Naturally, I’m biased as an Irish girl, but I do so love to see Ireland through the eyes of people who visit for the first time. I enjoyed reading about Barbara’s recent visit to the Emerald Isle.

I always appreciate Elaine‘s perspective on topics such as the benefits of mammography and breast screening. Check out her latest post which looks at a new study on the benefits of prostate screening.

A quietly reflective post by Catherine this week.

Musings on time from Dawn.

Connie shares some heart-warming stories of the kindness of strangers.

Finally this week, I leave you with an image posted on Helen’s blog  – isn’t it wonderful!


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