Day 3 Quotation Inspiration #HAWMC


So today’s prompt was made for me – the only trouble is which quote to choose! Should it be a favourite from Mary OliverMaya Angelou, Anne Lamott, or Marianne Williamson?

In the end I settled  on  this quote  from  Sally Brampton.


Sally was a journalist who wrote candidly about her life-long struggle  with depression. She left a profound and lasting impression on me and I return to her writing often.

Read what she has to say on being open about her depression:

“The way that I deal with my depression these days is to talk about the way I truly feel, and not the way I think other people would like me to feel. I am rarely right about that anyway. And I have discovered that when I break the treaty of silence, I am amazed to find how many people will join me.

I know that some people find such notions of honesty and vulnerability impossible, if not abhorrent. Most of us have never learned the vocabulary of intimacy. We simply don’t know how to express our feelings. Perhaps some of us don’t need to but it’s more, I think, that most of us are frightened so we hide behind a carefully constructed social self. Much of that self is unhelpful; it is a brick wall behind which we find ourselves trapped, frightened of not being, as the therapeutic phrase goes, “good enough.”

Curiously, the best antidote to the not good enough culture is to say it out loud. We live in an imperfect world. We are imperfect beings. The more we share that, the better we will feel.

We get so conditioned not to show our natural frailty that we forget that vulnerability is a precious thing. It’s what makes us human. It is what heals us because it is connection and not separation that makes us whole.

Life is about connection. There is nothing else.

What’s your favorite quotation and why? Please share with us.