Weekly Round Up


Beth reviews Nancy Stordahl’s memoir, Cancer Was Not A Gift, while Nancy writes about the pressure to be positive during cancer.

Both AnneMarie and Rosemary write about never being “done” with cancer.

Terri shares a guest post by Danielle Carroll, a board certified fellowship trained radiologist specializing in breast imaging.

Deanna writes about the paradox of waiting, while ill. “Do you know the worst thing about all of this waiting? Time. There’s too much of it and not enough simultaneously.”

Carrie writes about the side-effects of Zoladex.

Some excellent tips to make international travelling more comfortable, courtesy of A Fresh Chapter alum.

Heart-wrenching post by Vickie on the “invisible breast cancer patient”.

Excellent article by Elaine on “Raising The Survival Bar, And Access To Information, On Metastatic Cancer”.

As we approach the half way point of this year (where have those months gone!) Philippa reflects on recent challenges to her new year’s mantra to “reorient, nurture and crystalize”.

Caroline shares the hard-earned lessons she learned from two cancer diagnoses.

Stacey mourns the loss of a friend to cancer and reflects on the failings in a system which must be changed.

Finally this week, another gorgeous post, which defies categorization, but is nevertheless a precious read by Elizabeth.

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