Reframing Cancer Survivorship


Today is  Cancer Survivors Day, and I find myself revisiting this post from 2012 and feeling much the same way three years later. For a more up-to-date post, see this Healthline article which features some great quotes and a terrific discussion in the comment section. What are your thoughts on this day?

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer

Today, on  National Cancer Survivors Day, I am asking the question who are cancer survivors and is it really necessary to set aside a day to celebrate survivorship?

The terms cancer survivor and cancer survivorship  have different meanings to different people, and how we refer to this growing population of people living with cancer has stirred some controversy. Here is just a sample of some of those in the blogosphere for whom the term survivor is an uncomfortable label:

I don’t like labels very much. I tend to avoid them whenever I can. The survivor label is one that makes me uncomfortable for various reasons ~ Nancy’s Point

I am conflicted about the term survivor.  To me, a survivor is a person who has been utterly victimized, who is powerless and suffering at the hands of something or someone that is about as close to pure darkness as exists…

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