My Breast Cancer Story

I really enjoyed the experience of live streaming a talk on my experience of breast cancer for the GE Healthcare Breast Cancer Mosaic. The video is a bit grainy and there were a few technical hiccups but you can hear me what I am saying – and that’s the main thing.

In the video I talk about the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis on the fertility of younger women, and how there is only a brief window of opportunity in which  she can preserve her reproductive future before starting treatment.

I talk also about the post-treatment limbo we may find ourselves in after cancer treatment ends, and I suggest some strategies to help you cope at this time.

Finally, I hope I have conveyed how important telling our stories are. Stories can heal our wounded places, create community and understanding, and make us feel less alone. I do hope you enjoy the video and I would love to hear your thoughts about the topics I raise in it. Thanks for watching.