No New Normal; Re-Inventing My Life

Great post from Diane on “the new normal” – life after breast cancer

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What do these buttons tell you about me?

IMG_4298I’ve collected these over time, each new shirt or blouse, pair of pants that came with an extra one attached to the garment. They should tell you I wear a lot of earthy tones, plan, lack of color and/ or style. Most are big not petit buttons. Will my life still look similar now that cancer has knocked at my door? Of course I can never go back, we can’t just rewind and paste the breast back on hoping all will go back to the way it was ie having feeling and sensation, having blond hair, not worried about whether one day cancer will perk its ugly head back up again.

All we can do is try to re-invent our lives around the affair of cancer.  An acquaintance approached me this weekend, talking about her friend who is working on being normal…

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