October – a pause for perspective

So beautiful

Feisty Blue Gecko - a tail of the unexpected

Sometimes there is a moment, or a prompt and your heart stops.  Your mind pauses. And you are reminded of those things which are truly precious.

Reading this poignant and humbling comment on my “Before….” post last week brought one such pause to me, so much that I have been compelled to lift this and share it here.

How wonderful we have the benefit of sharing our stories, especially the ones that harken back to the day when life as we knew it changed us forever. and though those stories are stark and sobering, the emotions so cataclysmic, it is good to take what we can from them to see how far we have come; to honor the day for the changes we’ve been put to task for -to realize that every drop of rain is a miracle, every fragrance sniffed from a flower is beauty we can…

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