Adventures In Depression

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I am shamelessly stealing the title of today’s post from an amazing blog I have just discovered. Hyperbole and a Half contains the best descriptions of living with depression I have ever read – and the most incredible cartoon drawings to illustrate the experience.

I haven’t wanted to admit (even to myself) that I am going through a down time right now – not full-blown depression, but it’s certainly teetering on the edges. Then I read this today and shared it on my Facebook page:

Depression is very much a ‘hidden’ illness in that we hide the severity of it from others whenever we can. We often don’t allow people to see us on our worst days and downplay just how bad it is. The chances are, we wouldn’t do this if we had a broken leg, but then people often know how to be around someone with a broken leg, what to say, visits/texts of concern, chocolates and flowers….

It’s true that people don’t know what to say, and partly you want to spare them the awkwardness of trying to find the right words, or perhaps you just grow weary of trying to get them to understand. Or, you want to scream listening to those well-meaning platitudes about appreciating life and enjoying the moment.

Copyright Allie Brosh

Thank heavens then for those who do understand the experience and for those talented enough to write, or draw, or sing about it or just express it in whatever creative way they can. It helps to lift the burden of feeling  we are alone and that no one understands what we are going through. I am not sure how much this helps you today if you are going through grief, or sadness, or depression, but I wanted to reach out and share these thoughts and especially Allie’s incredible blog. I know that reading it today helped me. I hope it can do the same for you if you need it x

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