A special thank you to all my readers

Good morning everyone! This morning feels like the night after the Academy Awards, as I look at my shiny new blog award from last night’s Blog Awards Ireland 2012.  It was a wonderful night mixing with fellow bloggers and a big thanks is due to Lorna, Beatrice and Amanda for organizing such a hugely successful event.

The smile that is on my face is the first real smile I have been able to share following the events of the past year. This is the first time I have felt truly excited or happy about anything since my beloved mother passed away. This blog has been my support and sanctuary as I tried to work through my grief and loss. You have been my constant source of encouragement, friendship, understanding and comfort, and I will always be grateful to you for the kindness you showed me here over the past year.

I feel ready to move forward now, and have some exciting new plans for the direction in which I am taking not just this blog, but my life. I hope as always, you will continue to journey with me.

Thank you all!