In gratitude…

My deepest gratitude to you all for your support at this sad time. I have come back time and again to read your comments and gained strength and comfort from your words. Many of you, I know have gone through this same experience, and knowing that you truly understand our pain and shock, makes me feel less alone and gives me hope that we can through this.

Those of you who have offered your prayers have helped more than you know and I attribute those prayers to a little miracle we experienced yesterday. When Mum’s consultant reviewed the scans at the multidisciplinary team meeting they all agreed that her cancer is inoperable and terminal but then when he visited Mum in her ward he observed that she was responding well to the steroids and that she was getting some movement back into her paralysed side. He suggested to us that he could operate to drain some of the fluid from the swelling surrounding the tumor and would take a biopsy (before this he was reluctant to biopsy it because he said the risk was too high). We had a tense family discussion on whether to go ahead with the procedure because obviously the risk of bleeding/death in theatre is a factor. My sister is flying home from Australia this weekend and our fear was if something happened to Mum in theatre, she would not have had a chance to say goodbye to Mum. We called her and she said to go ahead. Yesterday was nail biting but Mum got through the op and now we just wait to see if it has relieved the pressure on her brain to a degree which will make her more comfortable. None of this changes the outcome but I feel that it has been a little miracle and I have no doubt that it is all your prayers and your healing wishes that have made this happen.

Thank you and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers x