Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory


Cognitive impairment to a lesser or greater degree can effect you both during and after your treatment. You may have the feeling that your cognitive abilities are slower and less acute than before – almost as if your brain is shrouded in a fog. We call this the “chemobrain” affect and the bad news is that the effect may persist for months or even years. Problems with memory and concentration are the most common cognitive complaints and while  there is no specific treatment for chemobrain, regular mental and physical exercise has been shown to improve memory and brain function.

Here are three simple things you can do today to improve your memory .

1. Write it down

Most of us have lost the habit of writing things down in longhand – at least I know I have.  Studies have shown that just the act of writing something out allows you to recall it in a way that touching a keyboard does not.

2. Read aloud

Reading something out loud helps you to anchor it in your memory. So if you are trying to remember something you are reading, repeat it several times out loud.

3. Visualise

Associating a positive mental image with a word or name will help you remember them better.