Celebrating the ordinary

Photo: Soaked up the sun like a battery that needed recharging today...

So, I’ve been thinking how best to ease myself back into the old blogging routine and I’ve decided to celebrate my re-emergence with a challenge. It’s a challenge I set myself a few weeks ago, but for one week, starting Sunday, I would love for you to join me.

I started to take a photograph each day of something that makes me feel grateful –  it’s about celebrating the ordinary simple things we can sometimes take for granted each day.  The picture above was taken on the day I left the hospital. On the drive home, we passed by Sandymount Strand (James Joyce based two episodes of his epic novel Ulysses here). It was a perfect summer’s day and this picture is a celebration of leaving hospital, a fresh start and… oh yes,  also a reminder that I need to get a haircut!

Photo: Beautiful day

Here’s another photo taken from the sand dunes – I love the cloud formation.


So, will you join me in finding one thing each day to take a picture of to remind us of the simple ordinary pleasures in life? If you have a blog, then please post the picture and leave a link here.  And if you don’t have a blog, you can still join in on Facebook. Just upload your pic to the JBBC Facebook page where I will also be posting everyone’s pictures.  Looking forward to seeing your contributions!