When depression strikes again



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 It’s a dreadful place.      


Maybe you had hoped you’d never go there. Or maybe you stay awake at night fearing you will. Maybe you’ve just realized you’re already there.      

I prefer to use the term “setback” when I get sucked back into the Black Hole of depression–bam!–stuck inside a brain that covets relief, any form of relief, and will do just about anything to get it. I call it “setback” not “relapse” because such times are certainly not the end of recovery. From depression or any addiction, a relapse merely gives you a new starting place for healing.    

The words above come from Therese Borchard, my heroine when it comes to shining a light on the darkness of depression. You may remember I interviewed Therese at the start of this year as I was eager to have her share her insights with readers. What I admire the most about Therese is that she writes with such compelling honesty, clarity and insight about her own battles with depression how she deals with setbacks. Encountering my own setback recently, I have taken great comfort and inspiration from Therese’s strategies to cope with a relapse.     

Click here to read Therese’s 12 Strategies to Help You Recover from a Relapse    

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